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Always rising after a fall or repeated failures.

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At Workout Warriors, I have a few sayings I believe in and say to my athletes.  The one most honored is “Seven times down, Eight times Up ! “ or  in Japanese this can be pronounced two ways. One is “shichi ten hakki”. The other is “nana korobi ya oki”.

This Japanese proverb relays the vicissitudes of life. Some would more naturally translate it into English as “Always rising after a fall or repeated failures”.
The first Kanji is literally “7”. The second means fall down (sometimes this Kanji means “turn around”, “revolve” or “turn over”, but in this case, it’s holds the meaning of fall. The third is “8”. And the last is get up, “rouse”, or “rise”. 
Basically if you fail 7 times, you should recover from those events and be prepared to rise an 8th time. This is also applies if it is the world or circumstances that knock you down seven times…Get up eight.  This is the way in training too.  
Some Workouts are designed to crush you. Will you stay down ?  
Few statements in life really define life.  I think this is one. 






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  This is where and how I conduct my private and small group training sessions.   I also hold training that is not open to the public.  ( LEO and MIL Specific )   We do not employ the open gym model. Sorry.   

My goals in training;  To find your weakness and eliminate it.  Training with me can happen nearly anywhere.  I am mobile, and because of the CFE family structure, I hold seminars, and training sessions at several of the local boxes. If that dosen’t work for you, someone in the family can.  

If I do not fit your needs,  I will send you  to someone that can. Someone legit.  

This is where I started. ( The BlackBox)  under the original gym system of Crossfit.  Met-Con, Weightlifting and Gymnastics. It’s all here. Hard work.  The training area is minimalistic.  We train.  Be it on the pad or in the box, the training continues.  rain or shine.  Original Black Box Crossfit.  If you are curious if this approach works, ask Mike Burgener, Mark Rippetoe or Coach Glassman, ALL still use the home gym for training some of their best. ( including  several Olympians. )  

 My Philosophy :

 If you are intrested in training, join me the path.  The decision to remain on it is up to the individual. Like Martial Arts ( Budo ) anyone can come to the door, remaining however works both ways. The athletes that train with me have a decision to stay or go.  After all,  they pay for the training.   I also like to stress that I am about commitment.  If you lose it, then you also lose your opportunity to train with me.    

 How I do It:

I have been developing workouts using the Crossfit programming for some time now .  I was certified as a Coach in early 2000, by Coach Glassman. Yes, I did a fair amount of fitness stuff prior to crossfit, with the certifications to boot. Crossfit has the best functional fitness programming I have seen to date. It is the program to use.   I have been fortunate in that I can enhance training sessions by using life experiences in martial arts,  firearms, tactical element movements and Academy fitness training.  I use the Box as a proving ground for new WODs, a litimus test for old WODs. and a forge for athletes of all ages.  The workouts we use are posted on the CrossFitEast main page. This link is where I post extra WODS, Austure WODS, and other training information, etc. that doesn’t make the CrossFit East main page. Its a collection annex.  Warrior training via the CrossfitEast family develops individual and team skills.  We make each other harder, by earning our rest .           

 Interested in training ? Questions ?  email:

Training by selection via appointment


Are You Ready ?

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